Monday Mystery – Week 2

Monday Mystery – Week 2 This week’s mystery is a bit of a controversial one for me. I doubted if it was wise to bring this item to light and introduce people to it. The reason is that it is something that could very easily be used for the wrong reason with possibly devastating results. […]

Why do horses wear bell boots

If you have ever been to an eventing competition, you have without a doubt seen a horse that was wearing protective boots around its hooves. Those bell boots, as they are called, seem to be protecting a part of the horse that is so hard it wouldn’t need protection. So, why do horses wear bell […]

History of the Stirrup

One of the first steps you have to take to mount a horse is get your foot in the stirrup. While some people are athletic enough to get on without the use of this handy piece of equipment, most of us ride their horses with the use of stirrups. Depending on the riding style, there […]

Monday Mystery – Week 1

What is this mysterious item? So today I would like to do something a little different. I think every rider has found themselves at the tack store one day just perusing the many items when suddenly something grabs their attention. You study the mysterious piece of tack to come to the conclusion that you have […]

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. If you made it here, chances are that you’re looking for information about a certain piece of horse equipment. You might want to buy a bit, but are unsure about what type you need. Maybe you already know that you want to buy horse boots but don’t know which […]